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If you’re planning to carry out any construction work on your property, it’s important to know what a party wall agreement is and whether you need one.

In our site, we’ll take you through the basics of party wall agreements, their purpose, and why they’re important.

Are You Looking To Do Any Of These Works?

Boundary Line Extension

If the boundary is being built up to or astride of the boundary line

If the excavations are going to be anywhere around 3 meters of the boundary at a depth that is more than the foundations of the neighbor’s property

Rebuilding or any demolition of the garden walls

Removing A Chimney

The demolishing or the rebuilding of the party wall

When load-bearing beams are inserted

Raising the party wall’s height

Chimney breast removal Cutting projects off from the home’s party wall. The underpinning of the party wall

Conversion Of Loft

When beams need to be inserted directly into the party wall so that the loft conversion can be facilitated

Raising of the Party Wall’s height Exposing a neighbor’s property perhaps by taking sections of the party wall out Fitting flashings or any roofing work

What Is A Party Wall Agreement?

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What is a Party Wall Agreement?

A party wall agreement is a legal agreement between property owners that outlines the rights and responsibilities of each party when carrying out construction work on or near a shared wall.

The purpose of a party wall agreement is to protect the interests of all parties involved and to prevent disputes between neighbours.

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When is a Party Wall Agreement Needed?

A party wall agreement is required when you plan to carry out certain types of construction work, such as: Building a new wall that is adjacent to a neighbouring property Cutting into a wall to insert a beam or support Excavating near a neighbouring property If any of these works are likely to affect the structure or support of a shared wall, a party wall agreement must be obtained before starting work.

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Advantages of Having a Party Wall Agreement

There are several advantages of having a party wall agreement, including: Clarifies the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved Helps to avoid disputes and conflicts between neighbours Provides a legal framework for resolving any disputes that may arise during the work Protects the interests of all parties involved

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How We Work

Many homeowners, unfortunately, are not aware of the Party Wall Act of 1996, which requires owners to provide party wall notice following these types of work:

  • Building anything up to or on the boundary line
  • Carrying out any works to the structure or the wall itself
  • Any excavation work that’s going to be carried out very near the neighbor’s property

As the project owner or the building owner, you have a couple of duties and rights that need to be understood and undertaken before such works can be carried out to protect the rights of Adjoining Owners.

As your Party Wall Surveyor, it is our duty to examine all the proposed works and then ensure that they are properly designed, executed, and completed in a manner that does not cause any damage to the neighbor’s property.

However, in the unlikely event that damage does occur, we will help award damages to the property owner, i.e., adjoining property owners since they are protected.

It is important to understand that the UK’s Party Wall Act grants rights of access to the party wal surveyors of both property owners.

Doing this allows for surveyors from both sides to carry out the needed inspections.

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How to Obtain a
Party Wall

The first step in obtaining a party wall agreement is to serve a notice on your neighbours.

This notice must include details of the proposed works and the date on which you intend to start.

Your neighbours then have 14 days to respond to the notice.

If they do not respond, they are deemed to have dissented, and a dispute resolution process will be initiated.

If your neighbours do not agree to the proposed works, you may need to appoint a surveyor to act as a mediator between the parties.

The surveyor will prepare a party wall award, which is a legally binding agreement that sets out the rights and responsibilities of each party.

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Do You Need A Party Wall?

In conclusion, a party wall agreement is an important legal document that protects the interests of all parties involved in construction work on or near shared walls.

If you’re planning to carry out any such work, it’s essential to obtain a party wall agreement to ensure compliance with the law and prevent disputes with your neighbours.

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