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If you’re living in a semi-detached or terraced property, you may find that your neighbour is planning to build an extension. This can cause concern about the impact it will have on your property, such as overshadowing, loss of light, or damage to your property. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what you need to know if your neighbour is building an extension and how Faulkners can help you.



Your neighbour will need planning permission for their extension if it exceeds certain size limits or if it is located in a conservation area or a listed building. Planning permission is a process that involves submitting an application to the local council, and it typically takes around 8 weeks for a decision to be made.

What is a Party Wall Agreement?

If your neighbour’s extension is granted planning permission, it can have various impacts on your property, such as:
  • Overshadowing: The extension may block sunlight and overshadow your property, which can affect your enjoyment of your property.
  • Loss of light: The extension may reduce the amount of natural light entering your property, which can affect the value and livability of your property.
  • Damage: The construction process of the extension may cause damage to your property, such as cracks in the walls or foundations.

Do You Need a Party Wall Agreement?

If you’re concerned about the impact of your neighbour’s extension on your property, there are several things you can do:
  1. Discuss your concerns with your neighbour: It’s a good idea to have an open and honest conversation with your neighbour about your concerns. They may be willing to make changes to their plans to mitigate any negative impact on your property.
  2. Hire a surveyor: A surveyor can carry out an assessment of your property and your neighbour’s proposed extension to determine the potential impact on your property. They can also provide expert advice on the best course of action.
  3. Seek legal advice: If you’re unable to reach an agreement with your neighbour or if you believe that your rights are being infringed upon, it may be necessary to seek legal advice.

Advantages of Hiring a Surveyor

Hiring a surveyor can provide several advantages, including:
  • Expert assessment: A surveyor can provide an expert assessment of the potential impact of your neighbour’s extension on your property.
  • Mitigation advice: A surveyor can provide advice on how to mitigate any negative impact on your property.
  • Professional representation: A surveyor can represent your interests in negotiations with your neighbour or in legal proceedings.


If your neighbour is building an extension, it’s important to understand the potential impact it may have on your property. Faulkners is a trusted name in Ilkeston for surveying, valuation, and assessment services. Our expert surveyors can provide you with an assessment of the impact of your neighbour’s extension on your property and offer advice on how to mitigate any negative effects. Don’t let your neighbour’s extension cause you concern. Contact Faulkners today to learn more about how we can help you.