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If you’re planning to carry out any construction work on your property, it’s important to know what a party wall agreement is and whether you need one.

If you are concerned over work your neighbour is doing call us NOW we can help you.

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“We wanted to remove a chimney breast from our property - our architect recommended Faulkners and they were amazing we had all the correct paperwork in place quickly and made sure ourselves and neighbours were all covered"
“We wanted to convert our loft, Faulkners were so helpful we were able to get all planning permissions through and our neighbours were happy as well. Was a great fast cost effective service."
“We were landscaping our garden and over time the fences had moved. We wanted to make sure we were working within our boundary. Faulkner Surveyors were fantastic and both myself and our neighbours are really pleased"
Do You Need A Party Wall?

In conclusion, a party wall agreement is an important legal document that protects the interests of all parties involved in construction work on or near shared walls.

If you’re planning to carry out any such work, it’s essential to obtain a party wall agreement to ensure compliance with the law and prevent disputes with your neighbours.

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