Do I require a party wall contract for a loft space conversion?

This is an inquiry that our customers continuously ask when doing a loft space conversion. It can additionally relate to any other expansion job.

If your loft space has an adjacent residential or commercial properties, you have to have a party wall contract in position with your neighbours, according to the Party Wall Act 1996. The act always uses if you require to serve a distinct wall surface or various other common frameworks.

This is exceptionally typically the instance for loft space conversions as well as various other expansions, because the party walls are usually the most effective choice as tons bearing walls. The factor is that party wall do not have openings like home windows or doors, so they produce one of the most vital selection for a tons bearing wall.

Party wall contracts should remain in area with all the tenants as well as the landlord of the adjacent residential or commercial properties.

What is a party wall agreement?

The party wall contract is a written permission by neighbours on the structure functions you plan to execute. Modifications timing and way of the jobs may be asked for by the neighbours to get to the contract.

The Party Wall Act suggests that you notify your neighbours of the jobs you plan to perform. It’s done offering a party wall notification, that have to consist of:

– your very own name and also address

– the address of the structure to be serviced

– a complete summary of what you suggest to do, that could make use of strategies and also illustrations

– when you mean to begin

You can generate as well as offer this paper, or you can utilize a party wall property surveyor to represent you. Your neighbours can additionally select a land surveyor. Generally, you will undoubtedly require fulfilling all the expenses for property surveyors, including your neighbours’.

For loft space conversions, the notification needs to be offered a minimum of 2 months before the prepared beginning of the jobs.

Do I need a party wall agreement for a loft conversion?

When preparing a loft space conversion, you will undoubtedly require a party wall arrangement if you are most likely to work with any component that comes from several adjacent residential or commercial properties.

Instances of deal with a party wall for a loft space conversion that will undoubtedly need a party wall contract:

– Cut the wall surface as well as utilize it as a tons bearing wall for a beam of light

– Put a moist training course evidence for the entire size of the wall surface

 – Demolish as well as reconstruct part of the wall surface

– Boost the density or the elevation of the wall surface

– Cut estimates off the party wall

– Eliminate a smoke shaft bust from a party wall

– Underpin the entire thickness of the party wall

Can I do a loft conversion without a party wall agreement?

It is feasible that you will not require a party wall arrangement for a loft space conversion. Generally, you will not need it if the jobs are not most likely to entail a wall surface that shown in an adjacent building.

 An arrangement is not required if:

– The loft space is being improved top of a stand-alone or separated home

– The beam of light to sustain the loft space conversion positioned over a column developed for the objective, as opposed to putting it inside the party wall

In the last situation, the light beam is placed on 2 opposing wall surfaces that are not party walls. We utilized this remedy for among our jobs, where the party wall procedure was specially made complex.

Issuing a party wall notice

As stated, you can produce as well as offer the party wall notification on your own. You will undoubtedly require to consist of:

– your very own name as well as address

– the address of the structure to be serviced

– a complete summary of what you recommend to do, that may utilize strategies as well as illustrations

– when you recommend to begin

It is a good idea you specify that the letter is a party wall notification.

You might provide the notification face to face, send it by message, or send it by e-mail. If you don’t have information of the proprietor, you can provide it to the building as well as address it to The proprietor of the home at that address.


Your neighbours have several choices after they obtain your party wall notification:

 – provide permission in composing

 – refuse to grant the jobs suggested

 – not do anything

If it takes place after two week or your neighbour declines. It is taken into consideration as disagreement occurring, and a party wall honour is needed as well as land surveyors require to be selected.


If your neighbour offers permission in composing, you can wage your prepared jobs. It recommend to evaluate the present standing of the party wall on your neighbours’ side, taking photos as proof. This assists in case disagreements develop later on, after the jobs have begun.

You can do this on your own or select a property surveyor to do so.

It is feasible that your neighbours designate a land surveyor to examine the existing condition.


If your neighbour dissents or does not respond in 2 weeks, you will undoubtedly require to designate a property surveyor to create a Party Wall Honor.

The most effective alternative is to have an Agreed Property surveyor. Conversely, you will undoubtedly designate a land surveyor each. Both selected land surveyors will choose a 3rd property surveyor, that would contact just if both appointed land surveyors can not concur or either of the proprietors or either property surveyor hires the 3rd land surveyor to do an honour.

In all instances, the land surveyors have the task to solve issues in a reasonable as well as sensible means.

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