Our specialists in Faulkner Surveyors have put together this convenient guide, to make sure that you can recognize what a party wall is as well as just how to deal with gaining all the lawful approvals you require to start building.

How do you serve a party wall notice correctly?


The Party Wall Act lays out what info an effectively offered party wall notification need to contain. There is no typical style, however numerous party wall surveyors make use of basic themes to make certain that the notice gives the called for information. It is crucial that your party wall notifications are effectively drafted as well as valid, any mistake can make them invalid and also held up your job.

party wall notice

It is vital that Party wall notifications are constantly remain in writing– avoid the lure to have an over the garden fencing ‘it’ll all be OKAY’ kind conversation. They have to also be official notifications as well as not simply headed with ‘Agreement’.

What type of party wall notices are there?

There are 3 various party wall notifications that might need to be served. You may require to make use of one, two or all of them:

What should the party wall notice include?

A party wall notification must provide sufficient information and an easy summary of the job, to enable a neighbor to understand what function you intend to do and also just how it might affect their building. If the description is missing, or is also wide, for circumstances just “develop extension” then the notification may be considered as void if tested.

All party wall notices need to:

If a notification is offered under Area 6 for surrounding excavation, after that it should be come with by areas and also plans showing the site as well as depth of any excavation. These illustrations are compulsory for Area 6 notifications.

Lots of party wall surveyors Darwen consider it excellent practice to include a drawing explaining the suggested deal with their other party wall notices as well.

Who serves party wall notices?

All party wall notices should be offered by building proprietors, but you can authorize a party wall surveyor to serve and authorize notice in your place. It is essential that you make sure the party wall surveyor is authorized before they release a notice in support of the building owner. A surveyor can obviously prepare the notice and pass it to their customer to sign and offer without such authority.

Is there a set format for party wall notices?

There is no details format for the required notices. Lots of surveyors make use of typical party wall kinds as well as party wall notification themes.

We have free themes for you to use which you can download and install below. Please email us for our thorough and totally free overview to loading these in properly. If you require help however, please contact us for a totally free no commitment quote utilizing the kind listed below.

The Party Wall Act establishes out what information an appropriately offered party wall notification should contain. There is no conventional format, but lots of party wall surveyors use basic themes to make certain that the notification gives the called for details. It is necessary that your party wall notifications are correctly composed as well as legitimate, any type of mistake can make them void as well as established back your job.
All party wall notices need to be served by building owners, however you can authorize a party wall surveyor to sign as well as serve notification on your part. It is crucial that you ensure the party wall surveyor is authorized before they issue a notice on part of the structure proprietor.

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