Our experts in Faulkner Surveyors have assembled this convenient guide, to make sure that you can understand what a party wall is and how to tackle getting all the lawful authorizations you need to start structure.

Stop! Do you need to serve your neighbour a party wall notice?

Whether you’re planning a cellar expansion, a loft space conversion, or you’re getting rid of a smokeshaft bust you need to notify your neighbour before the works start and also obtain their approval for the works. , if an agreement is not provided you require to obtain a Party Wall Award under the terms of The Party Wall Etc.


Act 1996. If your structure functions entail excavation jobs within 3 metres of the adjoining residential property, the chances are that the Party Wall And So On. Act 1996 will likewise apply.

So what do you have to do?

” This Act has been in pressure for a number of years yet it is unexpected the number of individuals are still not aware of its needs” comments Faulkner Surveyors, Chartered Building Surveyor, as well as Member of the Professors of Party Wall Surveyors Purley.

” You are suggested to give notice to your neighbors a minimum of 2 months prior to it is meant to commence works, yet in many cases it can take a number of months in conclusion awards relying on the dimension of the task, so you require to bear this in mind throughout the project preparation procedure.

” If you are in any uncertainty then speak with a surveyor as early as feasible to avoid any kind of problems or delays in the future.”

party wall notice Purley

What is a party wall?

As described on gov.uk, party walls base on the land of 2 or more owners as well as either:

What works require a party wall?

The Act covers:.

This might include:.

Check our Party Wall Agreement Purley

You don’t require to inform your neighbour (the adjacent owner) concerning small adjustments, such as plastering, adding or changing electrical circuitry or outlets, or drilling to place up closets or shelves.

What do the Party Wall Surveyor(s) do?

The appointed surveyor( s) successfully prepare and also offer an ‘award’. This document explains what works will certainly be executed, describes how the job will be carried out and also specifies any kind of protective steps required to avoid damages. The award generally includes a document of the problem of the adjacent residential or commercial property, to make sure that any kind of involved damage triggered by the works can be determined and also damages relatively granted. The selected surveyor( s) take on acting assessments of the job as well as at the end of the project sign-off the works as full.

What happens when a party wall notice is served?

When a notice is offered the adjacent proprietor has 3 choices offered:.

1. Accept the works.

, if you are offered a notice and you agree to the works you must provide consent in composing within 14 days.


Faulkner Surveyors remarks: “This is not constantly the most effective root cause of action because often building proposals at the time of issuing notice are not appropriately developed and also arguments can take place at a later day as a result of misconception of the proposals.

” It’s normally far better to dissent the notice to guarantee you have the security of the Party Wall Act through an Award instead of relying upon a personal insurance claim if points fail.”.

2. Dissent to the jobs and appoint the Structure Proprietor’s Surveyor as an ‘Agreed Surveyor’.

Which in some cases can lengthen the procedure if this occurs the surveyor is task bound to be objective and also calm the interests of both residential or commercial properties.

” This is suitable for straightforward party wall issues and uses cost savings to the building owner that otherwise might not have the ability to commence a building project” includes Faulkner Surveyors.

” The disadvantage of this is that if there are concerns relating to the actions of the Agreed Surveyor there is no option aside from to try to reverse an award in court, which can be costly as well as time consuming.”.

3. Dissent to the jobs and select your own surveyor as an ‘Adjacent Proprietors Surveyor’.

This does cause boosted prices to the building proprietor yet offers all parties while doing so the benefits of referral to a called Third Surveyor who arbitrates any type of disagreements of the Act that develop.

Faulkner Surveyors explains: “Although slightly more expensive, this choice frequently leads to a quicker final thought of party wall awards due to the fact that both appointed surveyors have a mutual understanding of the Act as well as function proactively. Above all two heads are much better than one!”.

Who pays the surveyor fees?

The structure proprietor carrying out the work is usually accountable for covering all prices as well as professional costs linked with compliance with the Act.

Due to the fact that of problems or absence of repair service, the adjoining owner might have to pay a share of the price if the work needs to be done. Or if they request added jobs to be performed that benefit them they will usually have an expense to pay.

” If the works commence without the agreement of the neighbour (adjoining owner) the neighbour can obtain an order to avoid the designated jobs happening till such time as an award is made, creating serious hold-ups to your strategies” Faulkner Surveyors comments. “You should also know that you can not retrospectively acquire a Party Wall Award complying with the undertaking of jobs.”.

In addition to concerns of preliminary order obtainment, if you don’t obtain the required agreement or Awards with last sign-off after that issues can arise throughout the resale of the home which can possibly result in a decrease of the agreed acquisition price, or, in the most awful instance scenario, the sale failing.

” If you remain in any uncertainty always seek the recommendations of a party wall surveyor as early in the project planning procedure as feasible, to avoid any unneeded hold-ups and costs” Call Faulkner Surveyors.

If your building works include excavation jobs within 3 metres of the neighbouring residential property, the chances are that the Party Wall And So On. The appointed surveyor( s) successfully prepare and also serve an ‘award’. This record clarifies what works will certainly be lugged out, defines exactly how the job will be carried out and defines any safety procedures needed to stop damage. The award generally consists of a record of the condition of the adjacent building, so that any kind of associated damages triggered by the works can be determined and problems relatively awarded. The appointed surveyor( s) undertake acting evaluations of the job and at the end of the task sign-off the works as complete.

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