How Much Does a Party Wall Surveyor Cost?

The majority of party wall surveyors bill a fixed hourly rate for all jobs associated to the party wall matters. This normally ranges from ₤ 150- ₤ 270.


Telephone consultation
£ 25
  • Vat included

Party wall Notice

Get started
£ 50
  • Vat included. Start with a Notice. Professionally researched, drafted & served.

Schedule of condition

Cover yourself
£ 450
  • VAT included and document condition of Adjoining Owner(s) property before work commences


Dispute resolution
£ 850
  • Includes a Schedule of Condition and all Notices required and re-fund of initial consultation fee
Great Value

Pricing for Adjoining Owners

£ 150
  • In normal circumstances the Adjoining Owner’s costs are usually paid for by the Building Owner. As standard we charge a flat hourly rate, we can also quote a fixed cost on request.

If you consider to bring in modifications or modifications to as well as around the party wall or even property perimeter, you may be actually required to follow the Party Wall Act 1996. This might require you to offer notice on the neighbouring residential properties (Adjoining Owners). Relying on the jobs popped the question the notice duration is actually either 1 or 2 months minimum. Once the adjacent proprietor acquires the notice they possess three options:

  • Grant the jobs, in which circumstances no additional action is needed, although our experts will encourage a schedule of situation is actually needed to record the condition of the neighbouring residential property just before the jobs beginning.
  • Nonconformity to the notice, but set the exact same surveyor as the individual( s) performing the jobs.
  • Nonconformity to the notification and also assign their own surveyor. Under the Act, in a lot of scenarios, the individual(s) executing the works (building Proprietor) are liable for the costs for the neighbors surveyor.
Party Wall surveyor

Along with the later pair of alternatives a timetable of condition is created of the neighbouring home which resides in near distance to the jobs. The timetable of condition functions as a file of the residential or commercial properties situation prior to the works beginning, if any kind of damage is actually caused to the neighbouring building which is derivable to the notifiable works the Structure Proprietor will certainly go to freedom to make great. A Party Wall Honor will additionally be created which will certainly design the civil rights and duties of the celebrations when it come to the party wall.

Normally, disputes in between surveyors (in option 3) are not rare, which is actually why a third unprejudiced surveyor is selected just before any kind of work begins. If the first 2 surveyors can’t connect with an arrangement, the 3rd surveyor will have the final say.

At Harding Chartered Surveyors, our team are constantly clear along with our costs, which is actually why our experts provide cost-free quotes either online or even over the phone to building proprietors. Since our company don’t have complete control over the adjacent owner’s surveyor’s charges, it’s practically difficult to offer a quote for the complete party wall surveyor cost. Below, our company explain exactly how the adjacent owner’s surveyor’s charges are actually calculated as well as acknowledged upon.

The Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor’s Fees

The property manager’s surveyor is liable for deciding whether the adjoining owner’s surveyor’s fees prove out. The complete cost should take an assortment of factors in to account, including:.

  • Range in between site and workplace.
    The longer it considers the adjoining proprietor’s surveyor to achieve the building, the greater their fee will definitely be actually. Our team commonly concede to cover the trip opportunity to around forty five moments as to protect against blockage, construction and various other unexpected activities coming from inducing trip costs to spiral uncontrollable.
  • The Top quality of the Structure Owner’s Surveyor’s ReportDraft Honor and Set Up of Health condition.
    If the property manager’s surveyor does a thorough project as well as creates a precise document, the adjoining owner will naturally possess a lot less job to perform, decreasing the variety of hours required to finish the job.
  • The High quality of the Style Staff’s Drawings and also Other Information.
    Once again, the more relevant information the surveyor has access to, the a lot less time it must require to compile a party wall honor.
  • The complexity of the works planned.
    If the works are actually extra complex the adjoining manager may find to use other specialists to check the design crews drawings, standard and so on. This normally takes the type of a checking developer, and also prevails in cellar diggings as well as big jobs.

The adjacent owner’s surveyor are going to propose a per hour fee, which the building proprietor’s surveyor can easily either acknowledge or decline. The property owner’s surveyor are going to usually examine the adjoining proprietor’s surveyor’s timesheet to choose whether the fee is actually decent.

The Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor’s Timesheet

Regrettably, there is no such thing as a ‘regular’ adjoining proprietor surveyor’s timesheet considering that each job is actually unique, which is actually simply one reason that it’s often inconceivable to give a dealt with quote for both surveyors’ expenses ahead of time. Some of the tasks that the adjoining owner’s surveyor is actually accountable for lugging out and billing for include:

  • Evaluation of the initial notice and also any type of linked sketches.
  • The swap of session letters and also assortment of a third surveyor.
  • Evaluation of the adjacent proprietor’s building conditionAssisting the Building Manager’s surveyor carryout the schedule of state.
  • Review of the draught Arrange of Condition as well as Honor.
  • Arrangement of any kind of superior factors with the structure proprietor’s surveyor.
  • Review and also approval of the decent copies of the honor.
  • Ticking off of the Arrange of Shape after the works have actually been actually finished.

Take note that the ultimate 2 jobs on the listing above are completed after the fee is conceded, which implies the total time devoted for each of pointed out jobs is actually determined.

The Third Appointed Surveyor’s Fees

The property manager’s surveyor is accountable for making a decision just how much the adjacent manager’s surveyor should obtain paid. The building proprietor’s surveyor are going to commonly inspect the other surveyor’s timesheet to check for precisions as well as ensure all claims are reasonable. The property proprietor’s surveyor might contest the adjoining manager’s popped the question expenses for a hold of causes, coming from weird traveling expenses to unjust on an hourly basis costs.

If both surveyors selected through the property proprietor and also adjacent owner can’t reach an arrangement, the concern might be passed on to the third selected surveyor. As an unbiased specialist, the third surveyor is going to normally have the last say on the amount of should be actually spent to whom.

The Third Selected Surveyor’s Fees.
Typically, because minimising costs, it’s far better to include the third surveyor just feasible. Must the matter of settlement conclusion up being the third surveyor’s selection, th They will definitely measure their costs between the celebrations.

Commonly, the adjacent manager’s surveyor will definitely explain their recommended fees along with their customer prior to taking the issue to the third surveyor. The adjacent proprietor’s surveyor may clarify the financial risks connected with allowing a 3rd surveyor possess the last word. If the adjacent proprietor assumes they may be liable to deal with extra prices, they may accept to spend their surveyor’s sought fee.

If either party is actually disappointed along with the regards to the Award, they might appeal at the local region courtroom within 2 week. Adjacent managers should be actually mindful that property managers have a right to change party walls provided the prepared modifications drop within the bounds of the law. If you intend to appeal an Honor, you could wish to look for legal suggestions.

Our experts can act as party wall surveyor for building owners and also adjacent proprietors. If you desire to schedule a questionnaire or even possess any sort of inquiries concerning the party wall surveyor cost, contact us on 03300100262.

Given that our experts don’t have total management over the adjoining proprietor’s surveyor’s fees, it’s virtually inconceivable to provide a quote for the complete party wall surveyor cost. The property proprietor’s surveyor is accountable for making a decision just how considerably the adjoining manager’s surveyor ought to receive paid. The structure owner’s surveyor will usually check out the other surveyor’s timesheet to check for precisions as well as guarantee all cases are reasonable. Frequently, the adjoining owner’s surveyor will certainly cover their suggested fees with their client prior to taking the matter to the third surveyor. The adjacent owner’s surveyor may reveal the monetary risks affiliated along with allowing a third surveyor have the final say.