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If you’re planning to undertake construction work on a shared boundary with your neighbour, you might need a party wall agreement.

It’s a legal document that outlines the responsibilities and rights of both parties involved in the construction process.


Faulkners Party Wall Surveyors Can Help You in Swansea

If you’re planning on undertaking construction work on your property in Swansea, it’s likely that you’ll need to comply with the Party Wall Act 1996. This act requires you to give your neighbours notice of your intended work, and ensure that it doesn’t adversely affect their property. If you’re in this position, you may well be wondering how best to proceed. That’s where Faulkners Party Wall Surveyors come in.

Who We Are

Faulkners Party Wall Surveyors is a team of expert surveyors who specialize in all aspects of party wall agreements. Our team has years of experience in the field, and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and customer service.

How We Can Help You

We understand that dealing with party wall agreements can be a daunting process, particularly for those unfamiliar with the regulations. That’s why we offer a range of services to help you navigate the process with ease, from providing advice on how to serve a party wall notice, to carrying out condition surveys of neighbouring properties.

We can also act as an impartial party wall surveyor in the event that disputes arise between you and your neighbours. By working with us, you can ensure that the process is handled in a fair and professional manner.

What Invalidates a Party Wall Notice?

One of the key aspects of complying with the Party Wall Act is ensuring that your party wall notice is valid. There are several factors that can invalidate a notice, including:

Incorrect Information

If your party wall notice contains incorrect information, such as the names or addresses of neighboring properties, it may be considered invalid.

Lack of Detail

Your party wall notice should include detailed information about the work you intend to carry out, including plans, specifications and relevant documents. If any of this information is missing or incomplete, it could invalidate your notice.

Improper Service

You must serve your party wall notice in the correct way, which includes sending it by registered post or delivering it in person. If you fail to serve the notice correctly, it may be invalidated.

By working with Faulkners Party Wall Surveyors Swansea, you can ensure that your party wall notice is fully compliant with the Party Wall Act. This will help to minimize the risk of disputes with your neighbors and ensure that your construction work runs smoothly.

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If you’re planning on undertaking construction work in Swansea and need advice on party wall agreements, get in touch with Faulkners Party Wall Surveyors today. Our team of expert surveyors will be more than happy to help.