Retrospective notice or award?

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We are periodically approached for suggestions on what can be done when job has actually begun (or has actually already been completed) yet the structure owner (the celebration accomplishing the job) has not offered the proper party wall notice, or where notice has been offered however no award has been made.
There are several reasons that this might become an issue, and also official intervention might be essential.

These are some examples:

  • The sale of a residence
  • The resolution of a disagreement that has emerged as a result of the works
  • to keep neighbourly connections

Where financing is needed, there is a demand to satisfy a loan provider.
Most of instances, falling short to adhere to the right procedure has no negative effects. Need a party wall?

The Problem with a wall agreement

Party Wall

Individuals frequently state the possibility of receiving a discrimination notice or party walls.
Although we acknowledge that numerous party wall agreement surveyors use this terms, the Party Wall Act makes no mention of retrospective notices or awards.
Notices, necessarily, are prepared before the beginning of work to inform of the objective to do so.
There is also a demand for particular notice durations to be consisted of. It is not feasible to fulfill those requirements if job has actually currently started. Therefore, it is difficult to serve a valid party wall agreement after the work has started.

The Solution

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Although surveyors can not be designated under the Act in the normal means where notice has not been offered, the parties can reach a different arrangement under which disputes can be dealt with as if notifications had been served in the future.
After reaching an arrangement, the events can designate a surveyor (or more property surveyors) to make an award to work out a dispute between them.
We can help in the creation of such a record. NB. That file has been effective in aiding in the sale as well as acquisition of buildings, the launch of stage money payments two months, the simplification of claims for loss as well as damage, as well as the renovation of neighbourly connections. You should serve notice to adjoining owners if you are the building owner writing within 14 days.

Hoping to get a party wall award?

Need a party wall?

You may need party wall agreement or wall agreement or party fence wall when looking at doing work by a neighbour’s property.

Be it a new wall, loft conversion and your property is semi detached or a shared wall where building work will happen or building a new extension or additional works –  you must seek guidance. 

Have you received a counter notice? Contact us for our dispute resolution process today. Registered office around the UK. Looking to appoint a party wall we are registered in England – contact us for our working hours.  need to serve a notice? Let us help you

You need consent in writing in order to go forward and avoid county court – your neighbour will have to give consent


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