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We are actively seeking passionate and motivated individuals who can further enhance our already exceptional team.

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If you are an experienced Party Wall Surveyor that would like to increase their clientele and income opportunities we can help.

We support a network of surveyors with quality referrals so that they are able to fill their spare capacity within a set postcode area.

If you are interested to learn more please apply below via the contact form.

Why Choose Faulkner Surveyors?

No Tie In Contracts

When working with us as a self-employed person, there is no tie in contract meaning that you are not tied to any particular employer and are free to take on work from multiple sources. This means that you have more flexibility when it comes to the type of work you complete and the hours you choose to work. You will be responsible for your own taxes, insurances, and other financial matters associated with being self-employed.

You Set Your Working Area

We are able to refer local leads to you so you don't have to travel miles and can fill up your spare capacity as a party wall surveyor by utilising our extensive network of contacts. This includes friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, and business acquaintances who may be aware of party wall surveying needs in your local area. We can use targeted online advertising campaigns in local areas to reach further potential customers in your vicinity.

Great Rates Of Pay

The Faulkner's rate of pay allows you to work fewer hours and still make more money. This is a great option for those who are looking to maximize their income with minimal effort. It also helps decrease any spare capacity that may be left unused during your working hours.

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