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If you’re considering removing a chimney breast in your home, it’s important to understand the legal requirements surrounding this process. In many cases, a party wall agreement may be required before any work can be done. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about removing a chimney breast and the importance of a party wall agreement.



A chimney breast is a structural element that protrudes from a wall to support a chimney stack. It is typically found in older homes and can take up valuable space in a room. Removing a chimney breast can free up space and make your home more functional.

What is a Party Wall Agreement?

A party wall agreement is a legal agreement between you and your neighbor that outlines how the work will be done and who will pay for it. If the chimney breast is a shared wall with a neighbor, a party wall agreement may be required before any work can begin. This is to ensure that the work does not damage the neighbor’s property or cause any unnecessary disruption.

Do You Need a Party Wall Agreement?

A party wall agreement will typically involve the following steps:
  1. Notice: You will need to serve notice to your neighbor informing them of your intention to carry out the work.
  2. Response: Your neighbor will then have the opportunity to respond to the notice and either agree or disagree to the work.
  3. Agreement: If both parties agree to the work, a party wall agreement will be drawn up and signed.
  4. Survey: A survey may be required to assess the condition of the wall and any potential risks.
  5. Work: The work can then begin in accordance with the terms of the party wall agreement.
Advantages of a Party Wall Agreement:
  1. Legal Protection: A party wall agreement provides legal protection for both parties and ensures that the work is done in a safe and responsible manner.
  2. Avoid Disputes: A party wall agreement can help avoid disputes with your neighbor and prevent any unnecessary legal action.
  3. Protect Property Value: A properly executed party wall agreement can help protect the value of your property by ensuring that the work is done correctly and to a high standard.
Removing a chimney breast can be a complex process that requires careful consideration and planning. With the help of Faulkners, the leading surveyors in Kenilworth, you can navigate the process with ease and ensure that all legal requirements are met. Contact Faulkners today for expert advice and assistance with your chimney breast removal project.