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When it comes to changing a boundary wall, there are several factors to consider, including whether or not you need permissions. Boundary walls are an important part of any property, and altering them can have implications for both you and your neighbors.



┬áIn this article, we will explore the different types of boundary walls, the permissions you need to change them, and why it’s important to get professional advice.

Types of Boundary Walls

Boundary walls come in all shapes and sizes, and the type of wall you have will determine the permissions you need to change it. Here are some common types of boundary walls:

Permissions You Need to Change a Boundary Wall

If you want to change a boundary wall, you may need to obtain certain permissions. Here are some of the permissions you may need:
  • Planning Permission: If your property is listed, located in a conservation area, or you want to build a wall higher than 2 meters, you will need planning permission.
  • Building Regulations Approval: If you are making structural changes to a wall, such as removing it or altering its height, you will need building regulations approval.
  • Party Wall Agreement: If you are making changes to a party wall, you will need a party wall agreement. This is a legal agreement between you and your neighbor that sets out the work that will be done and how any disputes will be resolved.

Why it’s Important to Get Professional Advice

Changing a boundary wall is not a decision to be taken lightly. It’s important to get professional advice to ensure that the work is carried out safely and legally. A surveyor can provide expert advice on the type of wall you have, the permissions you need, and how to go about obtaining them. They can also act as a mediator if there are any disputes between you and your neighbor.
In conclusion, if you want to change a boundary wall, it’s important to understand the permissions you need and to get professional advice. At Faulkners, we have a team of experienced surveyors who can provide expert advice on all aspects of boundary walls. Contact us today for more information.