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If you’re planning to undertake construction work on a shared boundary with your neighbour, you might need a party wall agreement.

It’s a legal document that outlines the responsibilities and rights of both parties involved in the construction process.


Party Wall Agreements: Protecting your Property Rights with Faulkners Surveyors

As a property owner, it is essential to understand your rights and obligations when it comes to party wall agreements. A party wall is a shared wall between two properties, and any work that affects this wall or the surrounding area may require a party wall agreement. At Faulkners Surveyors, we understand the importance of protecting your property rights and offer expert surveying services to ensure that your interests are safeguarded throughout the process.

What is a Party Wall Agreement?

A party wall agreement is a legally binding document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of property owners when undertaking construction or renovation work that affects a shared wall. Under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, property owners must serve notice to their neighbours before starting any work that could affect the structural integrity of the party wall.

The agreement will specify the work that is proposed, the duration of the project, the access required to complete the work, and any other relevant details to ensure that both parties are aware of their responsibilities and obligations.

Why is a Party Wall Agreement Important?

A party wall agreement is crucial to protecting your property rights and avoiding disputes with your neighbours. Without an agreement in place, your neighbours could potentially take legal action against you if they suffer damage to their property as a result of your construction work. A party wall agreement ensures that you have the right to undertake the work and that your neighbour’s interests are protected by setting out clear guidelines for the process.

Essential Components of a Party Wall Agreement

A party wall agreement should include the following essential components:

  • A description of the work proposed, including plans and drawings.
  • The start and end date of the work.
  • Details of any access required to the neighboring property.
  • A schedule of condition of the adjoining property.
  • The responsibilities and obligations of both parties in relation to the work.
  • Procedures for resolving disputes.

How Faulkners Surveyors Ashford Can Help

At Faulkners Surveyors Ashford, we have years of experience in party wall agreements and can offer expert advice and support throughout the process. Our team of qualified surveyors will ensure that your interests are protected and that your neighbour’s rights are respected.

We will provide a thorough inspection of the affected area and prepare a detailed party wall notice that complies with all legal requirements. We will also help you to negotiate with your neighbors and ensure that any disputes are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Working with Faulkner’s Surveyors Ashford ensures a hassle-free experience while protecting your interests and rights. Contact us today to learn more about our party wall agreement services in Ashford.